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Thank you for downloading Multiplication Flash Cards. This app has been created by ObsidianSoft and is owned by it.


ObsidianSoft respects your privacy and we are committed to protecting it. This policy has been established for you to understand our commitment. It was last modified on 5th October, 2019. It can be changed at any time without prior notice and the updated policy will be available at the same location as this policy.


This policy will explain clearly whether we collect your private/sensitive information or not and what we do with it. Our main objective is that any information collected from you will be handled with complete care and respect and we will take all steps to keep it private.


For purposes of the Policy, “Application” refers to Multiplication Flash Cards. Application also includes any Application updates and upgrades that ObsidianSoft may provide to you or make available to you, or that you obtain after the date you obtain your initial copy of the Application.


The present Policy refers to “ObsidianSoft” or the Application depending on the context. BY INSTALLING, USING OR ACCESSING THE APPLICATION, YOU HEREBY ACCEPT THE POLICY WITHOUT QUALIFICATION. If you do not agree to this Policy, do not use or access the Application, and delete it from the device on which the Application was installed (the “Device”).


If you have any questions about the Policy, please contact:



The purpose of the Application is to help users in learning their multiplication facts also called times tables using flash cards. Users can choose to type in the answer using the on-screen/hardware keyboard or speak the answer. The speech is converted to text using Google's Speech Recognition Service.


No Collection of Personal Information

ObsidianSoft does not gather any of your personal information while you are using the Application, except as provided for in this Policy. Under no circumstances does ObsidianSoft collect, download or otherwise make copies of any speech that you input using the microphone while answering the multiplication flash cards.


Non-disclosure of Personal Information

No personal information is disclosed in this Application.


Third-Party Advertisements

The Application uses Google, a third party vendor, to serve advertisements in the Application, using the AdMob system (see http://www.google.com/ads/admob/). By using the Application, you agree to the delivery of these advertisements and any data collected by Google, as per the Privacy Policy of AdMob (found https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/).

You can also change how Google serves you advertisements by visiting your Google Ads Settings page (see https://www.google.com/settings/ads)


User Control and Uninstall

You can access and change user settings from the options/settings menu on your device. Also, uninstall methods are different for every device. ObsidianSoft has no control over these methods and denies any responsibility of your use thereof, and any data or personal information sent to third parties as a result of using such methods.



The following is a complete listing and description of what functions on the Device are accessed and / or modified by the Application.



Allows the users of the Application to give voice answers to the Multiplication Flash cards using the microphone.



Allows the Application to receive voice recognition from Google Speech Recognition Servers. Also, required by Google, a third party vendor, to serve advertisements in the Application.



Allows the Application to connect with the Google Speech Recognition Servers. Also, required by Google, a third party vendor, to serve advertisements in the Application.



Required by Google, a third party vendor, to serve advertisements in the Application.


Risks Associated with the Internet or Wireless Data Transmission

Although ObsidianSoft doesn't collect your personal information or distribute it, complete confidentiality and security cannot currently be guaranteed on the Internet and/or where data is transferred using a Wireless data transmission technology. You understand and agree that ObsidianSoft is not responsible for any damages/losses resulting in transmission of information through such means.


Limitation of Liability

ObsidianSoft will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the misuse of any information collected through the Application by any third party, or any misuse of any information collected through the Application not in violation of the Policy.


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